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Dean Stevens

Musician/Spanish Interpreter/Concert Promoter/ Central America Traveler/Coffee and Crafts Salesman/Church Administrator and Music Director….definitely not a web designer/ mostly, a Dad and a Husband

Dean Stevens playing guitar by a tree


Dean Stevens playing guitar next to a clapboard home

For decade after decade, Dean Stevens has delighted audiences of all ages throughout the Americas. An exuberant performer of distinctive style and wit, he combines an intricate, self-taught guitar style with a versatile and expressive singing voice. He has established himself as a formidable creator and interpreter of a wide spectrum of songs in English and Spanish. His own material explores a variety of personal and social topics, paints sketches of people and places, celebrates the Earth, and annoys the narrow minded.

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Dean Stevens is a lifelong student of Latin America. He learned Spanish at an early age, and readily absorbed the musical and topical influences of the region. He travels frequently to Central America, and has become known for his humanitarian efforts on behalf of war refugees returning to rebuild their villages..

Dean leads frequent trips to villages in El Salvador, and has become an importer of fine coffee from Izotalillo, one of these mountain communities.

"Seeing and hearing Dean Stevens live on stage is proof that sanity, literacy, love, hope, and the forces of good are still alive and well and at work in the universe. Losing your faith? Go to a Dean Stevens concert!"
~ Geoff Bartley

Dean Stevens has six highly acclaimed recordings to his credit. His 2020 release, "Arise" (Volcano Records), produced by Dean and Eric Kilburn,is a collection of songs in English and Spanish, with guest appearances by Rob Flax, Ritt Henn, Kevin BarryRandy Sabien, Linda Waterfall, and many others.

Dean Stevens, remember that name! We’re going to be hearing a lot more from this marvelous voice.
~ Pete Seeger

After a 20 year virtual hiatus involving childcare and mortgage, activism, community building and other lines of sustenance and distraction, Dean Stevens is once again looking to play for folks every chance he might get. “Wherever they have me, I’ll be had!” is his slogan.