What People Are Saying about Dean Stevens

"Dean Stevens; remember that name; we'll be hearing a lot more from him. Deans Stevens will inspire you. Great voice!!
~~Pete Seeger
"Seeing and hearing Dean Stevens live on stage is proof that sanity,
literacy, love, hope, and the forces of good are still alive and well
and at work in the universe. Every song is offered with immediacy,
humanity, and humor underscored by the most articulate and inspired
guitar work you'll hear anywhere on the topical folk circuit. His
powerful anthem to natural cycles, Salmon, and well-chosen covers,
particularly David Dodson's brilliant indictment of our fossil fuel
addiction, Gasoline, will convince you that you are in the presence of a
thinking and compassionate master communicator at the peak of his
powers. Losing your faith? Go to a Dean Stevens concert!"
~~ GeoffBartley, February 12, 2004
"Powerful...moving political performer"
~~ Boston Globe
"A performer with keen vision, tenacity and wisdom to inspire and to
~~ Dirty Linen
"Dean Stevens is a charming entertainer, a musician of great sensitivity and wit.  His spirit of joy and sharing shines through his music." 
~~Jerry Christen,  New Song Coffeehouse
"Dean Stevens is such a consummate musician and singer, such an easy guy
to be around that it's easy to forget what a great songwriter he is..a
sunny guy with a wicked wit, a killer guitar player,a first quality
player and a first quality human being."
~~Bob Franke