Crafts from 

Teosinte, El Salvador

Cloth from Asociacion Maya, Guatemala

I am not a crafts merchant, but I am totally in love with the work of 11 women from Teosinte. It is a village in El Salvador that I visit twice a year. During the 80's these women were refugees in Honduras. Soon after they came back they formed a sewing coop, with the help of a phenomenal Eugene, Oregon woman named Sylvia Gregory. They took a month long course from a Guatemalan tailor, who taught them to sew a basic handbag. In a few short years they have become expert seamstresses, and can sew anything you can imagine on their treadle machines.

The handmade backstrap woven cloth from Guatemala comes from Asociacion Maya in Solola, above Lake Atitlan. This group of women produce a very strong and high quality line of cotton cloth in an amazing variety of vivid colors and patterns. They have been supplying the Teosinte women in El Salvador with cloth since 1996.

I make an effort to buy and import as much of this merchandise as I can. I have an extensive inventory of items, and am always looking for people who are interested in selling this wonderful catalog of merchandise at their events.

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